Marti Friedlander


Where and when was she born?
Where was her first New Zealand photo taken?
Where has her photography been exhibited?
What prizes has she won for her photography?
What are the main subject matters of her photography?
When and how did Marti become interested in photography?
What does photography mean to her?
How does her photography represent New Zealand?
What makes her photography so unusual or unique?
How will her future work impact on New Zealand?

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Teacher Comment:

Your work is beautifully presented Jess. It is great to see that you have a similar interest and that you are developing your skills in this art form. Who knows what the future holds. Your research informative. Your questions are well structured and your answers are thoughtful. Well done on an outstanding presentation.

Inquiry Process : 4+

Social Sciences: Identify, culture, and organisation. : 4+

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