Stage 1

Date: 28/7/08
What could I do my speech about?
  • Dolphins
  • Animal cruelty
  • Child slavery
  • Fashion
  • When my parents were younger
  • Disasters - Napier earthquake, Tangiwai disaster.
  • Global warming
Do I want to inform or persuade my audience?
Inform my audience
Brainstorm ideas for content:

Main points I should include in my speech:
Technology - How it's changed
Rules - Carseats, seatbelts, yes

Stage 2

An explanation of my what speech will be about:
My Speech will inform the audience what it was like growing up in my parents generation. The technology, general behaviour etc was all different! I also want to clearly state how lucky we are to be growing up in a generation which has all these cool gadgets even though there may be some negatives.
Tips for writing a good speech:
  • Use words suited to the topic
  • Words suited tot he audience
  • Logically sequence body.
  • Appropriate links between main ideas.
  • Convincing conclusion.
  • Introduction grabs the audience.
  • Include facts.
  • Language appropriate to the purpose.
  • Repitition.
  • Rhetorical questions.
  • Humor.
Date: 3/8/08
I have finished writing my speech - YES

Stage 3

My Speech in full:
Imagine……………………………….. Growing up in a generation which didn’t use car seats, seatbelts, or even helmets when riding bikes! Saying “Yes sir” or “Yes Ma’am” to your parents or teachers! But the most amazing thought is having absolutely NO playstation, personal computers, mobile phones or Internet? Thinking you couldn’t survive without such essentials to our 21st century? Well that’s the generation my parents grew up in.

When the first mobile phone came out, it was regarded as the ultimate James Bond gadget! But the first one was about the size of a shoebox! And actually had a separate handset, which you picked up! As the years progressed they shrunk to the size a bit smaller than a brick, but now we have small little flip-tops which can fit in our pocket! Check this out…… the big mobiles only came out in the 90’s & were very rare! Now everyone has one, Mum, Dad, and even Grandma1 You might be thinking that this all happened a long time ago but we’re only talking about ONE generation back!

When the first Walkman came out, people were flabbergasted as to how they could make a tape player, which was only a bit bigger than a tape! Tapes only came out when my parents were growing up, and before they knew it CD’s came out! Now EVERYONE has an ipod and CD’s are fazing out!

When you took a photo, it was a big long process; first you had to wait for the film to finish, which could take months! Then you’d send it away for processing. By the time you got the photos you had just about forgotten about the holiday or special event!
Now we have digital cameras, and you can show pictures to family of your latest trip on your laptop, you don’t have to wait months for your film to finish and be developed.

When visiting a friend’s house you didn’t ring up and make an appointment, you just pitched up and invited your self in!
They didn’t need fancy toys in those days, just a few Lego blocks, and some Barbie dolls, this would be enough to entertain them all day!

There weren’t any radio control cars, but instead they built go-carts, made out of old prams and bits of junk. They would go screaming down the hill with no brakes1 and yes you’re right, no helmet, and no they didn’t get brain damage, my dad is living proof!

It’s amazing to take a moment, and think back to this last generation which my parents grew up in, and believe it or not they DID survive without all the modern technology, and don’t seem toooo deprived of a great childhood!

SO…….. Here’s something to think about…………. What will OUR children have which we don’t have in 30 years time? In ONE generation they’ve introduced coloured T.V, video cameras, computers, iPod's, mobile phones, digital cameras, and Internet, so what will they invent in the next 30 years?

Stage 4

Date: 5/8/08
Tips for writing cue cards:
My cue cards:
Key idea
- supporting details

I have prepared my cue cards - YES
Speaking tips:
Trial 1 time:
Trial 2 time:
Trial 3 time:

Stage 5

Teacher Evaluation:
Effective and appropriate,
captures audience attention

Body language, eye contact,
use of cue cards

Speech Technique:
Expression, pace, projection

Originality, clear message,
logical ideas, audience interest

Language Quality:
Appropriate language for
audience and content

Effective summary, linked to

Close to 3 minutes


Teacher Comment: