The Lone Fairy of Pirongia

Activity 4 :

Create a Vocabulary bank of words from the story that are not English words. Match each word with its English translation.



Patupaiarehe - Mythical people who lived in the bush on mountains.

Tama – A son, boy, nephew - also used as a name for a boy or a man younger than the speaker/writer.

- Over there, it can be used as a personal name to indicate position or connection.

Kereru – A New Zealand Pigeon

Rangi - Day, sky, heavens, heavenly realm, heaven, weather, tenor, drift, tune, melody.

Marae - The open area in front of the wharenui, where formal greetings and discussions take place. Often also used to include the complex of buildings around the marae.

Whare - house, building, residence, dwelling, shed, hut, habitation, people in a house.

Translations from:

Rata and the Totara tree.

Activity 7:

Change the ending of the story.


Finally Rata understood. He felt ashamed. In his haste he had not remembered the most important part of all. Sad but wiser he returned home. The next day Rata asked Tane the god of the forest if her could use the Totara tree to make his canoe. To his surprise Tane said ‘no’! Rata was puzzled by his answer. He questioned Tane. Tane explained that Rata could not use the Totara tree because he had cut it down without asking, and the tree guardians had to spend three whole nights trying to put the tree back up. Rata understood, and her miserably walked away, remembering for next time, to ask, before he starts.

(the first three sentences are from the book)

Maui and the Sun

Activity 12:

Become one of the characters in the story and describe your experiences during a certain event. Write in the FIRST PERSON (using ‘I’) and remember to use as many senses as possible in your description.


The sun was rising slowly and sleepily out of the pit, it was blinding, I was starting to weaken, but I managed to stay strong. The heat was indescribable. After a few minutes, that felt like years, I was finally able to call out the word ‘Pull’, and my brothers, threw their ropes up, and over the sun. They had captured him!!! I began to beat the sun, already sweating, and sweating some more. It was hard to beat him, but I managed to hit the sun enough for him to give in. I persuaded him to go slowly across the sky, and he promised he wouldn't go fast ever again. This was a big relief for our village and for me, and my brothers. I was proud of myself. The Villagers were waiting for us when we returned. There was a big party, and lots of food! Everyone was chanting, you're the best Maui, and thank-you!

All the hard work paid off!!!

Pania of the Reef

Activity 6:

You are the Illustrative Engineer. Choose one scene from your story and illustrate it. Think about things such as characters, setting, problem, an exciting part, a surprise or a prediction.


Rona and the Moon

Activity 11:

Create a series of original art in any medium (4 pieces) about the story. You can divide your page into 4 and explore a different medium in each section.


The different mediums I used were:

  • Pencil (Top-Left)

  • Coloured (Pencil Top-Right)

  • Crayon (Bottom-Right)

  • Collage (Bottom-Left)

Teachers Comment:

Beautiful presentation Jess. You have read quite a range of myths and legends - Well Done. I love your original art work on Rana and the moon. It is very effective. Excellent work Jess!